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I've been pretty immersed in Damon, Elena Stefan Triangle, hihi! I am a TV / film slave, The vampire Diaries is one of the TV series that I like best. I think that Stefan and Elena are a perfect match in season one, without a doubt! But then we saw another side of Damon, a great site and we saw how much he protected Elena, it was amazing to see. No matter how "bad" (or whatever you want to call it) Damon was as he had never wanted to hurt Elena, and we gradually see how great his love was for Elena, and Elena felt sure something back, right from the beginning of season 2, But she would not admit it and the part has never really been one of only a few "sweet" words and two kisses, the first was when Elena thought he was going to die and the other was now at the end of Season 3 when she managed to resist him!


My Opinion:


I think that Stefan and Elena are simply burned out, Stefan is the world's sweetest, and he really loves Elena, he also but when I think of excitement, the magic of love that we love to watch, you will never end, if you know what I mean. It is the part, they are meant for each other. While I had thought terribly sorry for Stephen, he is very good and I know he had been very upset and sad! 


A great video <3 It says so much

-What do you think ? 

Stefan or Damon? 

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Hjeelp nå er det kun 4 dager igjen til Home and away begynner igjen i australia, håper det kommer på youtube samme dag ! syns det er tortur at det starter så sent -.-

Her er noen vidoer de har lagt ut til oss som venter  





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